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AnyRoR @ Anywhere = Any Record of Rights can be checked from Anywhere.

AnyRoR is a citizen service website setup by Gujarat Government. AnyRoR is an online service for land record information. Revenue Department of Government of Gujarat is maintaining 7/12 records online for citizens of the state.

If you have land in Gujarat or have a plan to buy land in the state. you can check RoR of land from anywhere through AnyRoR website. You can also check information VF7 Survey, VF8A Khata Details and VF6 Entry Details. Mutation related information like 135 D Notice for Mutation can also be viewed from the website.

AnyRoR website can be accessed from anywhere in world through its official URL Please note that you can find similar domains or other website on AnyRoR on the internet. All these websites are only for information purpose, they are authorized to download or check land records in the Gujarat. Before entering your land information on any website make sure that it is official website or not.

We have also seen that many AnyRoR apps are available in Google App Store and Apple iTune store. We have checked these apps on our mobile. We found that these apps are not official app for AnyRoR from Gujarat Government.

Whenever Revenue Department of Gujarat State will release app for AnyRoR they might publish its link on their official site. Before downloading any AnyRoR app apk always check it on official website

Do you have old survey number and want to know new survey number? Are you willing to check old scanned VF6 entry details? All these information can be easily checked on AnyRoR website any time from anywhere. Here are list of land record related information you may check or download form AnyrRoR website.

  1. Old Scanned VF6 Entry Details (જૂના સ્કેન કરેલ હક પત્રક ગા.ન.૬ ની વિગતો)
  2. VF7 Survey Details By New Survey Number (ગા.ન.૭ ની વિગતો)
  3. VF8A Khata Details (ગા.ન.૮અ ની વિગતો)
  4. VF6 Entry Details (હક પત્રક ગા.ન.૬ ની વિગતો)
  5. 135 D Notice for Mutation (હક પત્રક ફેરફાર ૧૩૫ ડી નોટીસ)
  6. New Survey No from Old for Promulgated Village (પ્રમોલગેશન પુર્ણ થયેલ ગામ માટે જુના સરવે નંબર પરથી નવો સરવે નંબર)

Some of our readers might not be aware with terms mentioned above. I was also alien to these terms before buying my first property. There are four forms VF 6, VF 7, VF 8A and 135D mentioned in above list.

VF 6 or Village Form 6 is a register maintained by Talati (A Village Accountant / Patwari) to incorporate day to day changes in land records. If you would like to check any change made in your land record you can check VF 6 entry details either online or with Talati.

VF 7 or Village Form 7 is also popularly known as 7/12 Utara (Satbara Utara). This form shows Khasra details (Survey Number) like land details, Ownershio, Boja etc.

VF 8A or Village Form 8A provides khata details of your land.

When you apply for Mutation Talathi prepares Notice to Mutation which is known as 135D Form. This notice is served to khatedars concerned relevant parties and any other interested parties for any objections.


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